Friday, January 29, 2010

YSAK 200: Another crazy maritime car

Is this a new meme in the maritimes? Another wacky car ad.

1992 Geo Metro grey wit flames by Convertible

1992 Geo Metro convertible with flames
Price $600.00
Location Halifax
For Sale By Owner
Make Geo
Model Metro
Trim grey wit flames by
Year 1992
Kilometers 665412
Body Type Convertible
Transmission Manual
Colour Grey
Drivetrain Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
Fuel Type Diesel

hows she goin by i gots ma gea metra she by a 1992 or 1995 im not really sure.i been driviner sence i gots er back in 1998 and i gots a incpection sticka on er from a 98 fard truck. i gots some pictas from my home town nort riva. she run out in 99 but they haddent chought me yet haha not lets talk about sume of the modulations i gots done to a. well now let me start i gots 4 hubbin cap on er. 2 6 inch speakers in da box but one be broken. i got an ol tapin deck from my house. and i took a paint brush and put flames on er. i think i was told that da flames giver 40 horse. then unda da hood of er by. i got a brand hamma new konin filtra. shes only gots i think 100 thousand on da filta works perfect i dont tooka from a backhoe . DONT SHE MONES LIKE A DESIEL. and why shes cut up is because i was up to da big city of bridgewater and i done gone done looked at fridge and i couldn fitta in da back of er. so i went and bought a mini grinder and cutta off by. but good to say the mini grinder mader home but the fridge fell off on the high way.. i guess you gotsta ti em down or somethin i didnt under stand but all in all i got a truck and a new mini grinder. one good day from nort riva

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