Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kijiji Policy Update: Your spam is no longer welcome

Tired of all those duplicate ads? Fed up with seeing the same ads posted across multiple categories? Tired of people from outside your area posting their wares to your local Kijiji site?

Well, the fine folks at Kijiji have listened, and they're tightening up the previously-vague language in their guidelines and making it absolutely clear: NO MORE DUPLICATE BULLSHIT.

You may post 1 AD per Item ONLY in the city closest to where the Item is located and in the CATEGORY (not Categories) that best fits the description.

Should you be unsure which category to use for your Ad, try searching and see where others have put similar Ads. If you post the same Ad in multiple categories which aren't relevant, the Ads will be REMOVED from Kijiji.
You should also only post your Ad on the Kijiji site that's nearest to you or the product or service you're offering. If you post in a city far from the product or service you're offering, your Ads will be REMOVED. Remember, people that are willing to travel will search other Kijiji sites using the distance search feature to find your Ad.

Thank you,

Kijiji Team
Kijiji is now promoting a "distance search" feature for people whose definition of "local" is broader than most.

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