Friday, February 19, 2010

Kijiji Scam: Spammers get you to do their dirty work

A Tiffany (jewelry, not 1980s teen singer) fan who blogs at Design Muse House writes about a scam I haven't heard about before: a web site that tempts you with gifts to spam Kijiji with ads they know would get *them* in trouble if they did it themselves. You become the Kijiji equivalent of a drug mule.

Hi… so here is the thing… I found this web site online that had an “special offer” it said that I could get a free gift if I posted ads in the classifieds for them. I naively thought it was just an special offer since the web site looks pretty nice and I didn’t notice anything suspicious about it. I asked their costumer service and they even gave me the text to write int he ads! well I did post the ads and everything was fine until I checked my e-mail and noticed that someone sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that he would report me for selling fake items!! I explained this person about this offer and then I noticed that i had 4 emails from the “Tiffany & Co.” company (apparently the real one) telling me that my ads were being investigated for “Trademark Violation and Copyright Infringement ” under some law number and all that. They also gave me a telephone number to call if I had “any questions” so …this scared the hell outta me… I mean I don’t have money to pay whatever fee or any legal Aid and it’s frustrating since it is not even my fault and i wasn’t selling anything. a friend of mine says I live under a rock and that might be true since I didn’t know much about Tiffany & Co. Anyways… what do you think I should do? Should I call them and explain? or should I wait? …Am I even going to get sued? Thank you guys :)
Bottom line: too good to be true, bla bla. Don't be an idiot. Don't post things to Kijiji that aren't yours to sell.

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