Saturday, March 20, 2010

The best guide ever to not sucking on Kijiji

Photographer Aaron McGowan has written the best article I've ever seen on how to write a good Kijiji ad. If everyone followed his advice, the only material I'd have to post here would be ads for unusual items.

It's recommended reading for anyone who wants to write a successful Kijiji ad.

A few tips from the article:

On Titles:

Be Professional. Constructing a classified listing title is not an art, it is simply common sense. Assure that the title is constructed in a professional form, spelling and grammar within it is correct, use abbreviations only if absolutely necessary, and do not use special characters to make it look “pretty” because it really doesn’t.
On Descriptions:
Being informative will quickly let the user viewing your listing know that the item you have listed is what he or she wanted and or if he or she has that too offer. Also, before you post the listing assure that you are using proper grammar and spelling throughout your Kijiji listing. I recently read a listing’s description that I thought would be a great item. Though I liked what was being offered, I simply refused to contact the provider simply because he or she had no idea how to spell and it appeared to be similar to a conversation between young teenagers on an Instant Messaging client using shortcuts and abbreviation such as “BTW” (between), “U” (you), “4″ (for).
Check it out.

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