Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A how-to guide for scamming and spamming Kijiji

Blackhatworld.com is a web site full of information to use evil hacking techniques to profit off the feebs. Black hatters trade tips and techniques for exploiting the system to make money. And don't kid yourself -- as hard as it tries, Kijiji is a target for these hooligans.

A recent post outlines it all.

Make $50 - $100 a Day from Backpage and Kijiji.ca - NOOB Friendly !

OK this is probably the easiest way to reach $50 - $100 a day that i know of and although it might not bring you long term income its a great way to get some start up capital. Basically the idea behind it is to present yourself as a "recruitment agency" that is currently hiring focus group participants and send the traffic to survey sites.

The first thing you would want to do is to head to your affiliate network and pick 2 survey offers one for Canada and one for the US since you will be promoting in both countries.When you are done head to co.cc or .tk and get a professional sounding domain name something in the lines of: (SurveySolutions.co.cc or ISFmarketing.tk) and redirect it to your offer.

Now go to backpage.com and post an ad in the "focus group/studies" section also make sure that you select "part time" in the "Work Status" field. This way your ad will appear in both the part time and focus group/studies category.

Best places to post in BP:
atlanta, ga
boston, ma
chicago, il
dallas/ft. worth, tx
denver, co
houston, tx
las vegas, nv
los angeles, ca
miami, fl
minneapolis, mn
new york city, ny
philadelphia, pa
phoenix, az
san diego, ca
san francisco, ca
seattle, wa
st. louis, mo
tampa, fl
toronto, on
washington d.c.

Getting your ads to stick might be tough since especially in backpage you will be competing against 6-7 marketers who are using a similar approach so if you can afford it would suggest to make your ad featured this way it cant be flagged or removed.If you cant afford it than you will have to repost your ads manually once or twice a day.

Now that pretty much covers backpage lets move to kijiji.ca.

Why kijiji.ca?

Unlike the US version kijiji.ca has an option to feature your ad on top of the category for a week which would be perfect for what we are doing. The price varies between $9 and $20 depending on the city but you will get very decent traffic from there.When i used to do kijiji.ca i had about 2000-2500 views from a single ad and about 200 sign ups so it was well worth the $20 i spend. And probably the best part was that there is literally no competition!

The best cities to post in are:

The tricky part here is that for kijiji you would be needing a Canadian proxy.In case you cant find youself one go to:
You can get a free 3 day trial which is more than enough to post your ads and make bank for a week.

Well here you go folks an easy method that can bring you some decent $$$ if you decided to implement it.

PS: Since i know that some people here will complain that the method doesn't work because it will get saturated I'v attached a screenshot of my earnings.The $650 you see in the picture below took me about a week to make. Iv posted ads on backpage.com manually every day and had a featured ad in toronto.kijiji.ca.

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