Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kijiji personals gone, and people are still complaining

Kijiji closed and removed personal ads in most of its categories, and some people are still feeling the sting.

Most of the Google referrals to this site over the past month have been about the deletion of Kijiji personals.

And on the forums, people are still demanding the return of Kijiji personals. Problem is, they don't complain well. I don't think I've seen one yet that made it through a small post without grievous spelling, grammar or formatting errors. Not that those things are the ultimate determinant of intellect, but when you're on a words-only medium, it helps.

"Stud57" writes:

so how come kijiji took off the personal stuff I met my wife through that site I think they should have left it on there it's a shame that people couldn't just leave well enough alone alot of people have to pay to go on sites now and kijiji was free.People just don't understand I know there was alot of ad's that shouldn't have been on there but hey don't we live in a free country well i thought we did.
"Aamirgg" says:
It was very sad to see that Kijiji made a decission to close personals category. It was a very popular category among consenting adult for perfectly legal activities. It is easy to see that it was a kneejerk reaction on Kijiji's part to enforce a moral right's lives-controlling agenda. What happened to personal freedom, freedom to choose, and freedom to live one's life the way one wants to?
"8enough" blurts:
Personally I liked the personals, sometimes just to read and sometimes to use. I have met alot of people this way and I thought it was fantastic. What will it do to get them back!
"mtb4fun" (what do you think that means?) urges, in bold:
Shame on you KIJIJI! Why did you remove Personal ads? Nothing for free? You want us to go to Lavalife where the service sucks... do you have any profit from Lava?
REINSTATE personals on Kijiji.
"marijapil" intones:

i am disappointed that all the personals have been removed . That is rude and disrespectful for people who's means of meeting people is going though kijiji personals. Please return those options to kijiji.

very much appreciated
Bottom line? The Kijiji personal ads are not coming back. Like it or not, Kijiji has made a conscious decision to differentiate itself from Craigslist, marketing itself as a "family-friendly" site without dating ads or adult services. That's their business decision.

If what you're missing is the "missed connections" and "long lost..." sections -- they're still there, stupid! Look. They remain.

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Unknown said...
October 8, 2010 at 7:57 PM

i think its stupid they get to choose what people are "allowed" to do., ya it's there site, but where was the warning about the removal of it? it was a service to people. obviously not everyone, but it gave ample opportunity to warn you about age blah, IMO yrs they had all rights to as its their site, but dont keep it on the site homepage if your not going to bring it back, that tells me. " oh gee. maybe its not gone fore-ebba? meh who knows at this point, and frankly.. dont hold your breathe for much as they are a huge company and will not listen to people that complain at a small level like us.

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