Tuesday, March 9, 2010

YSAK 215: If this pet owner was a parent, I'd call Children's Aid

This person has a litter of ads on Kijiji, and someone on the Kijiji Forums says s/he has called the local police department with a complaint of some sort against the poster. A sampling of the ads, with more after the break.

puppy undder 3 monthes, under $50

hello, thankyou for takeing the time to read my add , i am looking for a puppy for my brother under 3 monthes as my dad wont let me get him one any older
Then two days later......
any size dog cage ,

i am looking for a small dog cage for my brother, my dog juat had a puppy and he is getting him and he wants a cage so if you have a free or cheap 5-20 $ one laying around colecting dust please E-mail me anytime or call me Anytime after 3
one bird cage cheep.

heyy, i have for sale a large bird cage. 25 or best offer . cage was over a hundred . just need to get rid of them the large one is missing acouple clips but i just used tape and it worked just fine
Reliable and loveing animal care provider

Hello , My Name Is Tish And I Have Alot Of Exsperience With Animals Big And Small From Horses To Lizzads From Rodents To Birds . I Also Used To Work At A Pet Store
Wanted: please everyone read that cares for any and all animals.

Hello everyone,
I'am going to be setting up a non-profit animals shelter for abused animals in the neer furture (A Month to 3 months)and i was wondering if there was anyone willing to donate anything. I could really use cages of all sizes blankets bed food well anything. one thing i would really use would be a live stock trailer for takeing horses and pony and cows and sheep and goats to the vet or if i find them i home and have to deliver.Any horse or cow trailer well animals trailer would be awsome in any condition. I know i am asking alot but i applied for a grant for it and i was turned down untill i finish my schooling but these animals can't wait there is a house with alot of the things i need in it for sale right now. So if theres anything you can drop it off at 360 xxxxxxx or if i can i will come pick it up i would rather wait untill i get the place to get the stuff but i rather get the stuff than miss out on it. Also dose anyone know of a slougter house neer sarnia alivingston area anywere near that i can go buy and save a horse or to before something happens to them so i can find a great home for them.

Thankyou everyone so much for takeing your time to read this.
Horse bording.in petrolia

I was just wondering if there is anyone who is looking to bored in the Petroila area a few stalls but mostly pasture bored you supplie all food and pay vet bills.Open to any horse stallion mare foal gelding
How can you spell "board" so many different ways and never get it right?
looking for free horse stuff or anykind shap or form.

Iam looking for free horse stuff of anykind. Thanks
And what would an up-and-coming animal rescue philanthropist be without a video game system?
gamecube 80 obo

hello i am selling a gamecube for 80 obo comes with 3 games one mario and one an arcade like game and the other one a dance game, to controlers all the cords are with it .sorry i dont have any pics at the moment. thank you for reading my add.

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