Thursday, April 1, 2010

YSAK 228: Me + deep-fryer = proper party

It's April Fool's day today, so I'm inclined to think this guy's kidding.

Update: No, this was posted March 21. Hm. I could sure go for some onion rings.

Party Organizer

Willing to cater your party...I will provide my own deep fryer and for a slight charge, the grease will be changed.

Specializing in the following:
-onion rings
-home cut fries.

Can cater up to 12 regular humans, 6-8 hungry humans. Only need minutes to set up for your party. Unforunately, I have no transportation therefore you must be on the transit Cape Breton bus route.

Have catered several parties before and willing to provide references and napkins. Willing to accept special requests within reason. I also carry an extensive vegetarian menu. Able to go a moments notice as I have quite amount of free time on my hands.

My regular fees are as follows:
Onion Rings $21.38 per bag of 40
Smelts seasonal pricing
wings: $8.23 per pound
Home Fries: $15.72 per pound
Labour $4.44 per 58 minutes, or 2 pints of regular beer per hour or 3pints of light.
For an extra treat I have several Halloween Fireworks left and willing to put on a fireworks show.

please book ahead atleast 1-2 hours
 Very nice! Check out the other pics from the ad. I especially love the flaming chair.

Thanks, Mike, for the submission!

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Richard C. Lambert said...
October 20, 2015 at 3:00 AM

We finally used the turkey fryer that Madison gifted me last Christmas. It gets dark early! Carolyn G. Montford

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