Thursday, April 29, 2010

YSAK 233: Guitar for badasses only

Awesome GIBSON Epi Les Paul - TRICKED OUT TO THE NINES! - $1899

i have an AWESOME GIBSON Epi LES PAUL for sale. i've done a ton of cool shit to it so it's worth WAY more than a new one from one of those lame ass stores in town. first i replaced the knobs on it. it came with those silly plastic knobs. i put way cooler plastic knobs on it. these ones are slick. you can totally do little pinky swells now all woooo wooooo woooo without ruining your manicure. and replaced the wire from the electronics to the jack with some vintage wire that i pulled out of an old toaster i found on the curb. that really warmed (hehe) up the tone and the burnt smell really gives in that total rocker HELL YEA vibe now. man i remember when you could get your gear smelling like smoke just playing out. now you've got to WORK to make it smell like SOLID FREAKING GOLD BABY! i tossed the pickguard because pickguards are for pussies. i'll only charge you an extra $200 for Manning Up the axe for you, wimp. and the strap buttons have been replaced. i just used a screw and some crazy glue and stuck a bike chain on there permanently as a strap. you're not really playing if you're feeling a little pain every time you move BITCHES! the pickups are stock but i scuffed the up with some steel wool and urine so they dont look so shiny an new and stupid. they sound better now too. i was thinking about offering this as a if you just want me to pee on yoru pickups shoot me an email and we can work that out too. i sanded the paint off the back of the guitar because it lets the wood vibrate bettter. really sings now. the frets are a little low but if you play fast (liek you should you little SHRED DOGS) you wn't notice them because you'll be on and off so fast it won't matter. the case is included. i dindt use it much. i think my cat was sleeping in it for a while there, but a litle frebreeze and you're good to ROCK OUT! besise, yuo won't need a case -- you wont want to put this thing down once you place it. you'll sleep with it, it is that AWESOME!

i'd post pictures but i don't have a camera but this thing is totally worth what i say its worth. totally. you won't find a btter guitar out there. i'm going to miss it. sorry ot see it go. you know how it goes. email if you want to play it. i don't have a car and i live in boonies and work really odd hours, but you can drive and check it out some time when i'm off shift (usually around 2-3 am on monday monring works AWESOME for me). i've got a little marshall thing you can try it out with or bring your own amp and we'll FREAKING JAM MAN! my pitbull doesnt like minivans so don't drive up in a minivan you little freak you.


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