Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Bonus Suck: Guitar hero laments Kijiji twits

Frustration today over at the Canadian Guitar Forum with a man trying to sell a quality guitar on Kijiji and getting only morons replying:

You know, I think I've really reached the end of my rope with Kijiji. I recently posted a few guitars for trade here in the want ads section and in a fit of optimism I posted the same ad up on Kijiji here in Ottawa. Most of the responses on the forum were very reasonable, though none quite met my needs. The emails I received from the Kijiji ad, however, range from the absurd to the insulting, with very few that even came close to being fair. Here's a few of the more "interesting" offers I've received to date.
  • A Korean-made BC Rich Mockingbird Classic for my SG-3
  • "$750 cash right now!" for my Ltd. Ed. SG-3
  • at least six American Standard Strats for my SG (all "straight trades", which isn't bloody "fair" by my math)...
  • a Mexican Standard Tele for my Kramer 1985 Baretta ri
  • an Epi Futura for my Kramer 1985 Baretta ri
  • an Xbox 360 and 6 games for my LTD EC-1000 Deluxe
  • old stereo systems and laptops for any of the guitars listed...
  • "I have $400 I can give you for the LTD"...
  • as well as innumerable offers of Chinese budget guitars, practice amps and cheap stomp boxes in various collections for any of the three guitars I listed...
It's completely disheartening... I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots... I specifically state "fair trade offers +/- $$ as required" in the ad and I'm drowning in emails from people who seem bent on doing nothing more than screwing me over to their advantage... It's bloody depressing, and probably says a lot about the state of the world today... At this point, I haven't traded anything, and I'm probably going to swear off this stupidity for good and just hang everything in Spaceman on consignment. I've no patience for the parasites anymore... hell, I'm not sure I ever did! And I don't really move that much gear... How does anybody handle all this crap?

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