Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday quickie: Photographer with an 'F'

As regular readers and sensible advertisers know, has been on a recent rampage against advertisers who post the same thing in multiple categories or even multiple ads in the same category.

Some vigilante types -- what, you think I wouldn't be one? -- know of a more direct line to those with Kijiji power, and routinely report over-advertisers. Their ads get wiped out and the advertisers are often banned, even if they paid for the ads. As you know, paying for an ad doesn't give you the privilege of breaking the rules.

But lately I've been feeling merciful. Instead of bringing the hammer down and clobbering the offenders with outright removal, I've sent them polite and simple notes highlighting the new policy and reminding them of the consequences.

Some advertisers have taken this very well, even asking how they can better manage their posting. I'm happy to help! Like anyone with good sense, I want a clean and well-managed Kijiji with equitable treatment for all.

But some advertisers ignore the rules -- and that will soon cost their businesses by having their posting privileges revoked.

And others go further ... not just ignoring the rules, but rudely defying them. Today I bring you one of them.

Melissa Offman Photography

Full & Half Day Weddings
Limited Availability for Summer 2010
Booking now for 2011

FREE Engagement sessions with all weddings!
All weddings include a CD of high resolution photos for you to print. You do not have to buy ANY prints from me


Check my facebook Group for a chance to win a FREE engagement session!!!/pages/Melissa-Offman-Photography/99241888411?ref=ts

Melissa is not one of the heaviest offenders. Unlike some of her competitors, she only has twice as many ads up as she's supposed to at this minute. Some others have more.

I sent Melissa Offman a short message this afternoon, letting her know it was not the first one I sent. "Duplicate ads are no longer allowed on Kijiji. Please remedy your overposting."

Her reply?

Fuck off

Brides, grooms: may your special day be special. Just be aware of the kind of people you hire.

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