Tuesday, May 18, 2010

YSAK 236: Double your money? Of course it's legal! *wink*

No good excuse for why I haven't updated the site lately, other than a) it's been nice outside and b) new computer to play with. 'Nuff small talk. Let's get sucking.

Wanted: Serious investor.

Do you have some $$$ to invest? Would you like to double it? Unlike banks @ 2% to 4%. TAX FREE !!! Legal. I need $26,000 NOW. I pay back bi-weekly. Text Kevin @ 403-979-1957 to find out more, or e-mail me @ posesinc@gmail.com . No nonsense please. It's simple: you invest, I pay you back double - tax free and 100% legal. I need a cash jump start for inventory, and equipment. I have over $230,000 invested in my company (mostly vehicles - about 30). Hi income potential. I had everything I needed, but I was robbed last year, and a technical error made my insurance void. I have since recouped most of my losses. You can become an investor, or a silent or active partner if you prefer. Let's talk. Time is $$$, and it's being waisted. See my other listings in "poster's other ads". I am available 24 / 7. If you reply to this, I'll get back to you asap. I can arrange to give you the grand tour at your convenience. The picture I chose is for those who want to waist my time, or those who get too gready. It's also for those who already got my hopes up and waisted my valuable time. (I sincerely and whole heartedly appologize to those that this picture offends.) I'm already offering someone $52,000 for a $26,000 investment. It's not a million $$$. I may sound harsh, but I stand to loose $1,000's if I don't get some backing right away. So far I have had 7 potential investors waist 5 weeks of my time, and lost revenue, building up my hopes, only to back out. I am a serious person when it comes to other people's money. I try very hard to pay other people back before I take anything for myself and anything for my 7 children. I have several references you can contact if you are serious. I can make $300,000+ this year with your help. I have several investments paid for in full, thus showing I am not a joker. And I have some new investments I'm just starting up. I can guarantee the bi-weekly payments from my income alone. Invest now... get your first installment on April 23rd, 2010! 403-979-1957

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