Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YSAK 240: Little boy says bad man scammed him on Kijiji

This lad feels he got hosed by a Kijiji deal and is online seeking legal advice from a legal advice forum:

I have recently purchased night vision goggles for 70$ and 4 days later i get a chance to use them and half the screen has dead pixels i made a verbal agreement with him that if there are any problems or any damages i would receive my money back he is know say that he well not return my money and that he said i only have 1 day to return it nether of us have any proof of this argument and we are both minors im 13 he is approximately 10-14 is there any way to threaten with sueing or any other way to settle out of court im only 13 the 70$ was my birth day present and i just got scammed so please is there any way to solve this without legal or anything over 10$ im also kinda poor so my family cant go to small claims court.
(don't flag me because im under age just as advice if needed my mom can do the legal stuff thanks im a smart 13 year old)

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