Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday facepalm: Turtle ate his brain

Shawn kindly sends this ad that nearly broke my brain, and the blog editor's spell check:

kijiji pets

sellign my 3 red eared sliding turtles varry helthy

hello im selling my 3 turtels good 4 ponds or pets i had my 3 in my pond and im moveing soon so tha must go payd 60 + tax 4 eh at pet store naw i wood like 40 eh oly 1yr old live 4 like 12 yrs
 Also available from the same seller:
sellign my air compesor usd in working condishon
Price $450.00

sellign my air compesor usd but in working condichon 180psi works relly good 450obo good condishon will trad 4 atv or good runing dirt bike
selling my atv tires 2 bake 1s 4 bolt pattern
Price $160.00

sellign my 2 bak atv tires no plugs in them thare 22s rellly nobby itres selling cuz i whont 2 put 24s on my atv so 160 obo best offer taks them 95 out of 100 tred left on them come with the rims and the 4 bolt hubs tires r in gr8 shap and have air in them no leads or nuthing i oly usd them 4 max 1 week
sellign my scooter 250 obo
Price $250.00

selling my 50cc scooter runs gr8 250obo best offer taks it runs good i never relly usd it much maby 5 times sitting in my back yard its full spepchon pull start gos prity fast as u can see my tires still have the lil spikes so u can tell i never relly usd it

2 Responses to “Friday facepalm: Turtle ate his brain”

Anonymous said...
August 2, 2010 at 10:44 PM

Let's keep the lolspeak where it's called for, folks.

Unknown said...
August 5, 2010 at 4:36 PM

What's wrong with lolturtlz?

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