Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fotografy Fail

No wisecracks about her being an American, because she's actually living in Spryfield. People in the Halifax area will get the joke. The rest of you, just follow along.

Wanted: job shadowing

hi my name is jessica and i really want to become a photoraphy.i can't afford a camra right now so 4 now im just hopeing there is someone out there who will take me under there wing and let me shadow them or work 4 them.I'm really willing to learn.i'm imagrating from the states so can't work yet but will do anything to get into photography.i've been in a couple contest since ive been here and have done really well.please help out a young mom. i'm a hard worker and will be great full 4 wat ever im taught
I'm not confident she'll be taught anything, because basic English hasn't worked. She wants to be a "photoraphy". Really really! What kind of camera (or cmarmaara?) does she have?
Wanted: i know this is a long shot

I'm jessa i'm a young mom trying to make her life better for her and her son.I'm in need of a dightal photography camra.I need 1 for school and to start practiceing on.If there is anyone out there who will give or leand me a good camra I would before ever thankfull.I know it's a long shot but I'm trying..I will take every good of the camra and you know it would be going to good use to help a mom make a better life for her and her baby boy..i want to study photography and have wanted to since i was 6years old so i'm really into it.I want to study marine and horses photography.thank you for reading this and taking the time to think about it.God bless
Jessica? Jessa? Typo? Mistaken identity? If you've had a lifelong ambition to study photography, learning to spell "camera" would be a big step. So, that's her dream, but what's her reality?

in home baby-sitting

hi i'm jessica
and i'm offering in home baby-sitting.I'm a young mom of a 11 month old boy who loves to be around other kids.I live in a arptment in spryfield.but there is lots of grass around and i would take the kids to the park every day if the weather premitd.I have my pcr and first aid.I'm willing to go through a back ground check if need for price that can be discusted.I only do heathy snacks and meals.If intersted please email.Thanks for takeing the time to read my ad jessa
The price can be discusted? How discusting.

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