Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YSAK 259: Halp! The Masons are after me!

Here's one I haven't seen before: paranoid schizophrenic seeking support on Kijiji for persecution delusions specific to the Freemasons. Listed under Services > Other. Unsure what kind of "services" the person wants, other than custom-crafted tinfoil hats.

Wanted: SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US !!!!!!!!!

I would like to start up a group for individuals who are being preyed on by the Freemasons. I have had this organization harassing me for three years now.and I don't even know why they are after me. It started with being put under surveillance in my low income housing rental unit, and being harassed in-other ways (intimidating, bullying etc.) I have still not been able to get rid of these individuals and I am curious to know how many others out there are having difficulty with these characters. I have had so much stress beacuse of these bastards that its effected my health. I know that i cannot possibly be the only one going through this and i know that people in this country who are in positions of powerlessness and who are vulnerable are probably too frightened to speak out about he atrocities that this organization is perpetrating on them. I just would like to know that i am not alone and i would like to find a way to put an end to this horror which is needless, cruel and totally unnecessary and not only that but this type of behavior is ILLEGAL in violating my and other individuals human rights. I know that there are big honchos involved as well because I have suffered severe cruelty and mistreatment at the hands of individuals who are in a position of power. I'd like to put an end to this and these horrible human rights violations. Please someone, anyone who is aware of this unconscionable, despicable behavior or who is experiencing it themselves at the hands of this Mason individuals and would like to see it stopped and have this country be restore to what it was originally founded on: HUMAN RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE regardless of creed, economic status, beliefs, religion, disability status. etc.I know that there has to be some good people out there still who want this inhuman behavior to be stopped. Even an animal has been given more compassion and respect than I have in my own country. Please someone has to defend vulnerable people who are unable to protect themselves from these sick, evil, corrupt individuals, if animals have rights than surely to god so do I and others in positions of this type of horrible mistreatment.

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Anonymous said...
August 23, 2010 at 10:19 AM

This nutter has been spouting this trash for years and should be politely ignored.

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