Wednesday, August 18, 2010

YSAK 260: Smorgasbord of spelling fail

Nolan sends in a seller in Bancroft with dozens of ads. They're all pretty much the same, save for the headlines, so here are some headlines and selected ads:

soft top for box of doug decoda

deisal eng & trany from 1994 rabbet

30 tun crain hook/ with tag

axcels off of 40' traler & 60'

car dolly/ factery made

typerwritter underwood

wizered of oz finger puppits $20.00 each

movey camera Bell & Howell with booklit

on to a pair of ... ads:

yale fork lift 3 stage hevy dooty year un noin
Price $1,500.00

yale fork lift , 3 stage, hevy dooty, forks are 2"thick, runs, needs a paint job, (i started to strip the old paint off) steering box cover to be fixed & a propain tangk (i use a BBQ tangk) & a battery. I'll finish it for $2,000.00 more!!!

Elvis Presley Portrait laminated on wood
Price $250.00

Elvis Presley Portrait of laminated wood sized at 2' by 3', mint condition, worth $450 will take $250. sale for now $150.00

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