Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Spammer Special: Scientology spams Kijiji

Not only is the Halifax franchise of the Church of Scientology spamming Kijiji, it's doing it in the wrong categories. It's posting in "Entertainment", which, according to Scientology doctrine, is a punishable crime under the guidelines of Joking and Degrading. Beyond that, they made extensive efforts to hide the actual nature of the ads. Where is "hiding" on the Tone Scale? And, posting a religious recruitment activity as a "Wanted" ad? Seriously?

Whoever's behind this overt action at the Halifax Scientology mission is a suppressive person and should be reported to appropriate OSA terminals for handling.

In other words: moreso than usual, Scientology has shot itself in the foot and has been exposed.

A sampling of some of the off-topic and deceptive ads:

Wanted: Free Personality Test
Address 3441 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax, NS B3N 2S7, Canada

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You can call 444-3790 and we can send you one in the mail or you can come in and take it in person.
Make Your Dreams Come True

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On this course “ Setting and Achieving Your Goals”
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How you can change that.
How to be a Successful Parent

Learn how to raise independent and responsible children
Find out how to use effective control and how to consult your child’s willingness.

Have happy children.
Be a proud and happy parent.
Course on Knowing Who You Can Trust

In this life it is important to know who you can trust.
For Work.
For Friendship.
For Marriage.
For Life.

On the course you will learn the tools to know who you can trust and who you can depend on.
Call 444-3790 today and get started. Trust me.
Are you tired of being single?

Do you often feel like a third wheel?
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Are you jealous of your friends because they are in a relationship?
Do you sometimes question your own ability to have a good relationship?

If any of these questions pique your interest, then call us at (902) 444 3790.

Ask for Shawn.

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