Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Firewood vendors under fire again on Kijiji

Seems to happen every year, and before the snow flies, it's happening again.

We're seeing lots of firewood ads, and almost as many firewood complaint ads. As usual, the warning ads will be deleted promptly and we'll be left with duplicate firewood vendor ads.

The complaints come as people order wood, get a delivery, pay cash, and find they've been shortchanged wood. It's prompted a warning from at least one police force, as reported on

Halifax Regional Police have issued a warning to people who are in the market for firewood.

And it's a case of knowing what you're buying and who you're buying it from.

Constable Brian Palmeter says they've gotten several complaints recently from people who feel ripped off.

"Essentially what happens is a person will end up ordering perhaps, two cord of wood and they end up paying the delivery person cash upon arrival," he said.
"They pay the cash before the wood is actually dumped and then the wood is dumped, and when the person goes to stack it, it's actually considerably less than what they've ordered."

Palmeter says some of the problems have happened with people using on-line classifieds or on signs on the side of the road.

He says if you should check with the Better Business Bureau if you want to check up on a company's reputation.

A cord of firewood is defined as 128 cubic feet of stacked round wood, whole or split, with or without bark.
CBC radio did a big report on this early in the year, too.

A sampling of some of the ads running at this minute:

CAUTION best firewood 440 5545 is a scam.careful he doesnt change names
again and rip you off your hard earned money.
Lots of different vendors out there...Take the time to source them out with bbb and joint stock nova scotia,,,Ask for a valid name & number..Tell them you would like to see wood beforehand and ask for address,,,If they won't,,,hang up and list number on here,,,
You have options, contact me we will try to resolve your probem, remember
processed cord is not a leagle unit of mesure, look up Firewood Vendors Nova Scotia for a full discription. Presently we are compiling a list of fraudulent vendors with the aim of takeing them to court if you feel you have been taken advantage of or stolen from then you do have recourse
Anyone knowing the where-abouts or Principles of " Franks Firewood Services" aka "ADG firewood sevices", I have also been asked about "Best Firewood" if you have dealt with anyone of these companies, please contact
Firewood Check these numbers out 440.5545 & 401-5198 before buy

Look these up at BBB before you buy from them...You can search by name or phone number
warning this guy is ripping people off 4405545
he is in the top 5 on kijiji he is a scammerz
As usual, I make no claims that the complaints are valid -- for all I know, they're competitors stirring up trouble. But the police, BBB and others have a good point: know what you're supposed to be getting, do your research, and report any scams to police.

Good luck on Kijiji!

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Anonymous said...
October 20, 2010 at 4:23 PM

Looking for firewood?
Have your list of questions ready when you contact me or anyone else..
Do you sell by the legal 128 cf stacked cord?
Do you have a business number that can be verified before dealing with me or any other vendor..Always ask for number and check with Ns goverment and bbb before going any farther...
Am I using an untraceable phone number instead of an addressed land line..
When I show up is truck loaded with wood just dumped in it...If so it takes 190 cf to make a dumped pile cord...EX A truck that would hold 6 stacked cords would only have 4.5 cords on it
Do yourself a favor and take pics of load truck and driver and always get an itemized receipt

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