Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday parenting special: Jobless mom needs video games, rottweiler

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Wanted: daughters dsi got broken
Price Free

Hi i am a mother of 3 children and i am looking for a ds or dsi for my 6 year old as her one that she had saved her birthday money and christmas money to buy all by herself has got broken she is very upset about that and me having 3 children i dont have the money to get her a new one to replace it.if any one has one that they are willing to give away or for a good price so she can be able to play her games again please contact me it would be greatly appreciated.
It "got broken"? Does that mean "she broke it"? She's six. She had enough money to buy a Nintendo DSI. The fact that you have three children doesn't entitle you to teach your kids that you don't just get free stuff when you break stuff.
Wanted: washer and dryer
Price Free

Hi I am a mother of 3 children from the age of 6 to 9 months i am looking for a washer and dryer free or a half decent price where i do not have alot of money.I am in desparte need where I have been hand washing clothes and it is starting to get very sore on the hands.Thank you and hopefully I can get one soon:)
Well, she's desparte. Desparte that she doesn't want to hand wash clothes. Tip: Laundromats have machines in 'em that take coins.

What makes poverty more palatable? A rottweiler! Sure, your kid has no video games or clean clothes, but adding a dog to the family ought to help...somehow.
Wanted: puppy

Hi I am looking for a rotwiller puppy at a good price .I am having trouble finding one so hopefully someone could help me on here.Thank you
In case she wasn't clear earlier:
Wanted: ds broken
Price Free

hi i am a mother of 3 my daughters ds is not working her bottom screen looks like someone had put pressure on it if any one would be able to fix at a good price do to not having alot of money that would be gtreat she really misses it she bought it with her own money thank you
Well, suggests that she wants the DS broken. Gtreat. So, in a puppyless, dirty-clothes, kids-busting-video-games home of three girls and a poor mom, it only makes the most sense to spend what little cash you have on a lowball offer on a NETBOOK.
Wanted: netbook
Price $50.00

Hi i am looking for a netbook or laptop or even a compuyter for my daughter it has to be a windows 1998 xp to a 2000 xp she has a digital camera that i cant download anything on my computer because my computer is to new so i need to get a something that she can download her pictures on and she is at the age she wants her own compuiter now if any one has one i am willing to pay 50 to a 100 dollars where i am a mother of 3 children thank you.
I really feel for this woman, as she's tugging on all of our heartstrings at once. You can imagine this family crammed into a one-bedroom slum, no? How about a four-bedroom house for the price of a one-bedroom slum?
Wanted: looking for a duplex or house

Price $625.00
Bedrooms (#) 4 bedrooms
Bathrooms (#) 1 bathroom

I am am mother of 3 children from the age of 5 to 5 months.I really need a duplex or house as i am living in a 2 bedroom apt and its just not a lot of room.I am looking for something around 650 to 725 where i am on a tight budget.Would like to find something in the westphal area between keneddy drive or on rolika dr or byron court.if there are any places available please contact me thank you. Or i would take a place around montabello area.Please contact me in desperate need of a bigger place.
I'm not Dave Ramsey or Gail Vaz-Oxlade, but I kind of doubt she's on a "tight budget". Either her income is low, her outgo is high, or she really doesn't know where the money is going. If her numbers are as well-considered as her words, she probably has money leaking out somewhere. Like on video games and puppies and netbooks instead of clean clothes, but... but ... she wants to work. Doesn't want to leave the house, but wants enough money to cover it all.
looking for a job

Hi my name is Lisa and I am a mother of 3 children in desprate need of work due to stuggling to pay bills.I would love to find a job where I can stay at home with my children but also be able to work from home.So if there is any jobs oput there for telemarkiting from your home or anything that I would be able to do from home I would greatly appreciate it if some one could get back to me.Thank You
Lisa, you don't get something for nothing. You want a house with video games and computers and a puppy and four bedrooms, but you don't want to leave the house. You want a good income, but you can't spell the job you're dreaming of -- telemarkiting? I know you're "desprate" and "stuggling". But passively pasting ads on Kijiji hoping someone will donate you out of your situation or give you the magic beans to make your fantasy come true just won't cut it. It's going to hurt like hell to step into reality and work like crazy, but Lisa -- you owe it to your kids. You owe it to them. Make the effort.

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