Monday, November 8, 2010

YSAK 282: "Burying the lead": An illustration

This is actually a fantastic read. But it's really a fabulous example of a writing sin journalists call "burying the lead" -- taking way, way, way too long to get to the actual point.

Wanted: Seeking Help

I'm looking for help for me and my fiance. On Sept. 25th our car was stolen while we were doing our paper route. My fiance got hurt when he tried to stop the guy and save me from the backseat. The guy got in the car and floored it and while hanging out the drivers window while hanging onto the wheel and the guys neck the guy cut the wheel while going 50-70km/h and my fiance fell off and hit his head off the pavement, and rolled into a street poled and hit his right hip. The guy continued and and was threatening to kill me so when he slowed down enough I jumped out and luckily only received a road rash or burn on my right leg below my knee. My fiance on the other hand wasn't so lucky he had a gash that took 10 stitches to close and a broken orbital floor ( the bone under the eye.) big bump on his right hip and scratches, cuts and bruises. He had two surgeries for his eye and had double vision which is almost gone now. The cops found the car and we finally got it running again by taking the engine out of our old 2000 cavalier. It wasn't a perfect match though the 98 requires an egr valve that the 2000 doesn't have so its rigged enough to work but it is sluggish. Right now we are pretty much out of money, social assistance didn't help us as we got a pay on the 30th of Sept which went mostly to our mortgage. We've tried salvation army and two churches and they had no funds. We are finally going back to work tonight but our utilities are going to cut us off before we get a pay, and we have been without oil and the house is freezing, we are using a little space heater and its ok for the one room we use but it will raise our power bill.
If anyone knows of an organization or church or anything at all that will help us out please please let me know. We don't know where else to turn.

Thanks Frances.
TL;DR: Give me money?

Thanks to my beautiful wife for finding this one.

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