Wednesday, November 10, 2010

YSAK 283: Not the best truck in the world; This is just a Tribute

Thanks to Scott for finding this ad THAT TURNS INTO A SCREAMING RANT.

2001 Mazda Tribute SUV
Price $1,000.00

kijiji mazda
still mvied for 1 more year needs a motor took it to CANADIAN TIRES for an oil change 2 weeks later the motor started knocking i went and checked my oil and it was down almost 5 liters of oil took it back to CANADIAN TIRE there was nothing loose or leaking they said they filled it up with oil and there was nothing they could do for the motor never ever leaked a drop of oil they kicked me of of the CANADIAN TIRE PROPERTY THEN THE OWNER SENT ONE OF HIS EMPLOYES OUT AND TREATEN TO BEAT ME UP IN FRONT OF MY 10 YEAR OLD SON THE THE RCMP SHOWED UP AT MY HOUSE THE NEXT DAY AND PUT A PPA ON ME AND TOLD ME I WAS NO LONGER ALLOWED ON THE CANADIAN TIRE PROPERTY IF I WAS COUGHT ON THERE PROPERTY I WOULD GET A 500.00 FINE AND WOULD BE CHARGED PRETTY BAD ALL OF THIS FOR A 30.00 OIL CHANGE NOW I AM OUT AROUND 1100.00 BECAUSE OF CANADIAN TIRE SO EVERYONE THAT READS THIS AD BECAREFUL AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ANYWAY THE MAZDA WORKED AWSOME BEFORE THAT I WOULD OF TAKEN IT ANYWHERE LOTS OF NEW PARTS ON IT WELL WORTH THE MONEY 1000.00 FRIM NAMES JOHN 497-xxxx CALL MY EMAILS ARE NOT WORKEN THANKS IT IS A V6 MOTOR

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