Monday, November 22, 2010

YSAK 284: I dare you to spell "pepperoni"

Should I care whether they can spell if they're just handling my pizza? That's an untresting question.

pizza delevrie driver

now hirring
bussy pizza shop loking for part time drive prox 18-23 hours per week
good tips, hourly wage ,and delevrie charge if ur untrested please email me back your resume or name and telephone #
Thanks to Patrick for this one. Yes, the original ad had the center-formatting.

From the same poster:
donair knifeelectic donair knife
Price $900.00

the prfect cut
the newest electric donair/gyros knife one year waranty
please contact albert @ 902-877-xxxx or Email
Man, I *LOVE* donairs. But I'm not about to pay $900 for a knife, even if it's electic and prfect.

They have a few other ads, all spelled just as poorly. The location has been narrowed down to the Papa Mario's Pizza on Mumford Road in Halifax -- or, if you're looking to drop off your resume, you can try the "Memford" Road listed in the ads. Which.....doesn't exist.

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