Monday, November 29, 2010

YSAK 291: A writer who can actually write!

Here's a winner spotted this morning:

Writer for Hire!

Limited time offer! Hire a creative, talented, trained writer who will WRITE ANYTHING for cash, or possibly food!

This fabulous service could include literally (or literarily) anything. I will write in any format for any purpose, non-fiction or fiction. Forgot to finish that business report? Send me the outline and I'll do it for you. Run out of things to say on your blog? Don't worry, I've got it covered. Too angry to finish that letter to the editor? Call me for a sober second draft. Breaking up with someone via text message? I've got the perfect wording right here.

I also write FICTION! And it's damn good, too! What's the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone who's impossible to shop for? Their very own short story! I'll write you a story about anything at all. That's just how much I care.

All my services come with professional document formatting. Awesome!

My rates are always reasonable and negotiable. Email me for a quote today.

(Requests to aid and abet criminal activity will be reported. Romantic advances will be spurned.)
With so many "writers" advertising on Kijiji, it's refreshing to see one who actually ... y'know ... can write.

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