Monday, November 29, 2010

YSAK 292: Pentium 4 = Xbox 360. Ouais!

ibm pentium 4

ibm pentium 4 whit 120.go hard drive and 384 memories ram whit a dvd rom and cd rewritable work very good just need to put a new windows on the hard drive because i have keep the hard drive that was in in before to put it in my son computer that wy there no windows on the 120 go make me a offer or maybey a trade for a working x-box 360 or whit the rrod or a working ps3 or a ylod ps3 but they got to have all cable for it and a hard drive if you whant to trade

By the looks of this machine, it's an old off-lease IBM business machine. I actually have one kind of like this. It was a great deal for a used PC -- these things are built better than any other machine I've owned and are easy as pie to service. You can buy them for less than the price of a Windows XP license, and you get a whole computer. But to think that someone would trade you an Xbox 360 for this? By putting it in the "Playstation 3" section? That'd delusional.

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