Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best funny Kijiji blog I've seen in ages ... funny Ha-Ha!

Spotted this one on Twitter.

The blog "Love It A Lot" by Jane and Hollie has posted some recent interactions with Kijiji folks that would make a novice shy away from interacting on Kijiji. Out of respect to their fine work, I'm not going to repost the entire thing here -- go to their site and read it yourself -- but here's a sampling.

I have had a longstanding theory that every person who is trying to sell something on Kijiji is also a person that has never used the Internet before. I think it’s about time I try to prove this. Or at the very least, demonstrate why I believe this so strongly.

The very first incident I’ve ever experienced with crazy Kijiji people is when Hollie tried to buy a bike, back in 2008. Every time Hollie tried to get the address or phone number of where she would be going to pick up the bike, the man (who wrote in CAPS LOCK) would freak out and think she was trying to “steal his information”. There must have been 20 emails sent back and forth, and Hollie never got the damn bike.

I jokingly wrote to him about the bike after Hollie had such trouble, and he seemed as equally suspect of me. (Although, asking him for his bank account might have contributed to that).
That's an interesting theory, and I think it's partly based in fact.

I know at least one woman who is potentially dangerously internet-illiterate. I mean, she can check her email and browse the web, but I tried to show her Firefox and she just about froze up with confusion, and after five years of coaching, she still double-clicks web links. I'm surprised she hasn't infected the corporate network with a virus and given her life savings to an animal rescue facility in Nigeria.

But it's these very people who think Kijiji sounds like a great idea. People who would be deathly afraid of buying or selling things on eBay proper are intrigued at the personal, folksy, can-do, DIY style of free online classifieds.

Perhaps that's why Kijiji appears to be full of n00bs and idiots. Because it sort of is.

Read the full story from Love It A Lot at their blog.

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