Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kijiji Christmas reality check: Asking for free stuff

Someone with a good head on his/her shoulders has posted an ad to Kijiji which, all things considered, will probably erased sooner rather than later. Not because it's a bad ad, but because it's more of an editorial, which, for reasons that should be obvious to readers of You Suck at Kijiji, are not allowed.

Here it is. Merry Christmas.

Wanted: Dear Santa
Price Free

Dear Santa

I would like to have:

a) snowblower so my husband doesn't have to shovel the driveway before leaving to get the bus

b) car so we don't have to take the bus

c) cell phone - we don't have one

d) cable TV - we don't have

e) skates for the kids

f) swimming lessons for the kids

g) Brand new clothes from the mall - for anyone in the family

h) Brand new toys for the kids

i) a swimming pool for the summer

j) new shoes that have not been worn by someone else

k) new book from Chapters instead of a yard sale or charity shop

l) gift cards for groceries so we never have to worry will there be enough food

m) money for Nova Scotia Power bill so we don't have to choose between heat and food

n) how could I forget the Wii, or any other similar gaming system as we don't have any of those either and I hear they are good fun

Here is our reality check for anyone feeling UNDERPRIVILEGED this Holiday Season.....

Our family will have whatever food is in the fridge and be THANKFUL we are eating on Christmas.

We have purchased the kids A TOY (yes that is ONE toy per child) from Beacon house or Value Village. The clothes they will receive are also from the second hand shops.

YES we are a WORKING family of 4. By the time you pay the mortgage and property taxes, heat, hydro, water and house insurance it does not leave much left for food, basic phone, bus pass.

Why do I write my list? Because we have WANTS too! Everyone has wants but they are much different than NEEDS. No one NEEDS to have a cell phone or cable TV. No one NEEDS to have the latest toys or gaming systems.
All of my list is a nice to have but not a NEED to have.

Update: I appreciate the letters from those who read this letter the way it was intended.

As clarification - I wrote where I purchased my kids toys as a help for those who may also be in our situation to say its okay to give the kids something they are interested in that is second hand. Will this kids remember the box the item came in or the item itself? It is also okay to limit the number of items given on Christmas. Who says each person needs to receive 10 items each? Who says they have to be new? Who says that you must spend a certain $$ amount per child?

A puzzle or a game second hand will run you about $3-$5-but the memories for the child of time spent playing with mom or dad will last a lifetime. It's not good enough to give the game or puzzle it the commitment to actually playing together that makes the gift special.

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Anonymous said...
December 1, 2011 at 7:01 PM

How about moving out of the house and going into an apartment? hmm? just a thought, I went through the exact same thing and you know what? I have all those things you mentioned - by getting rid of the HOUSE!

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