Friday, December 31, 2010

Kijiji sex personals can't take down porn-surfing bureaucrat

Kijiji doesn't even have personal ads any more, but back when they did, this guy supposedly trolled them a little too much at his government job. Not that it matters, really.

An article in the Vancouver Sun explains:

A federal government employee who spent as much as five hours a day searching pornographic personal ads on his office computer and sending naked photos of himself from his work e-mail has kept his job.

The Canada Border Services Agency conducted an investigation into allegations an employee in its headquarters in Ottawa was reading and responding to sexually explicit ads on Craigslist, Kijiji and other sites while at work. The department was tipped off in January by a member of the public who thought it inappropriate to use a government e-mail address to respond to personal ads.

The professional standards investigation found the unnamed employee spent 176 hours -- about 4½ work weeks -- on the Internet over a three-month period. A search of his CBSA e-mail account found he had used it to send and receive explicit descriptions and photos, including pictures of genitalia and sex acts. "He exchanges e-mails with interested parties and gives detailed descriptions of himself, including his sexual organs," the investigation report said.

"He speaks of his sexual preferences and comments on explicit photographs of sexual acts sent to him by people responding to his ad."

The employee will also "forward to interested parties naked photos of himself [head excluded]. These pictures are extremely explicit and inappropriate."

The numerous hours spent on the Internet every day affects his work, the report concluded.
CBSA officials are responsible for stopping obscene materials from entering the country.

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