Wednesday, December 15, 2010

YSAK 302: Traininng for collage? Get aggrisave and spezializle in bussiness!


Hi. My name is Kaitlyn Millward. I am 17 years old. And i am looking to earn some money for collage next year. So i am Offering my services in the horse bussiness. I Can break horses, gentle them., halter break them, or simply put miles on them. I can also travel to were you are if it is near by. Or you are welcome to bring them down to my place. I do have a Twin sister who is looking for collage monsy too. She specialazes in head problems and biting and so on. And i spezializle in the bucking, bolting and more aggrisave problems , but we can do anything, and we have help all around us.
So if you simple just dont have the time to ride or to break soome of your younger horses. Or your older ones are getting away from you and are gaining some bad habits. Give me a call. (403) 892-xxxx. i will not be able to answer due to school from 830-310. But you are more then welcome to text or email. (i can recieve my emails through my phone)..
If you choose to keep at our farm, my grandpa would like $180 for hay(since it is winter) and bording. And depending on the horse and the problem and what you want the price for the traininng will average between (150-300) or you and i can work out a fair and reasonable price. Thanks you. And i hope to be hearing from you soon.

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