Friday, December 31, 2010

YSAK 311: F you, Santa Claus!

Wanted: I got totally jacked by Santa

There was no iPhone under the tree this year for me even though I told Santa for like 2 months. Santa is old and hard of hearing, clearly.

So what was under the tree for me? 20 buck walmart card, the usual hockey socks "santa" brings every year, and candy, my God like 6 boxes of candy. What the hell is Santa thinking about?

I have a feeling Santa went to Walmart and just threw crap in the cart with no thought at all.

So I'm looking for a new iPhone 4. If you got one for Christmas but don't want it, want cash instead, email me. I wont' take over a contract. I was with Bell for 5 years and I don't ever want to be on contract again. Ok, well, let me if you have an iPhone 4 you don't want. Thanks.

Me and Santa aren't talking right now. Fat jerk.

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