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Sly Kijiji user in Sudbury ignores safety rules, courts Kijiji scammer

A rube clever man in Sudbury has made headlines in his local paper for ignoring the bold and constant warnings to make deals in person, with cash, after succumbing to his own stupidity through the most common scam going today: the wire transfer overpayment.

Yes, that's an update. The man contacted me and said he knows the ins and outs of Kijiji and eBay and was "making a point for Kijiji users," engaging the scammer and "using him as an example."

From the Sudbury Star:

Matthew Quesnel thought he could make $1,000 selling his drum module on Kijiji. Instead, he almost lost $6,000.

Quesnel, a 29-year-old Sudbury resident, came close to being one of many victims of fraud. After posting an ad on Kijiji about a drum module he wanted to sell, Quesnel received an email last week from an interested customer. The man, who called himself Wilson Wright, said he was from Denmark and would pay the full price plus shipping. He later asked if Quesnel could cash the money order cheque that he would receive, take his $1,000 and send the remainder to Wright, possibly to pay for his shipper.

"That's what kind of caught my eye."

Slightly suspicious, Quesnel waited for the cheque to arrive. Instead of one, the local musician received two cheques for $3,000 each.

"He agreed to pay the $1,000 plus shipping. Then I receive two $3,000 cheques with no date. My name's not on it," said Quesnel, adding that, while Wright claimed to be from Denmark, the shipping label was from Ottawa and the cheques from Montreal.

Wright wanted Quesnel to cash the cheques, which are most likely fakes, keep $1,000 and send $5,000 back to him.

Instead of cashing the cheques, Quesnel phoned Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre officials, who recognized the shipping information, which included the name Nwobbi Tony Johnson and address 247 Standstill Rd. in Topka, Benin in West Africa.

Corp. Louis Robertson, who's in charge of criminal intelligence with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, knows the name Wilson Wright. He has four records of the name being involved in theft and believes that the man, who most likely uses a false name, may be from West Africa and part of an international organized crime group.

"It's a common fraud ... Sometimes they send a financial instrument, such as money order or a counterfeit cheque. It's basically way, way, way over the requested price. They're asking them to deposit the cheque and take the (requested price) and send the remaining money to them," Robertson said. "Eventually, the bank will get a hold of you and they will want their money back."

Con artists like Wright have access to a very high quality scanner, Robertson added.

"We're not talking about your regular Walmart scanner. We're talking about a sophisticated, expensive scanner. We're not dealing with a mom-and-dad criminal operation, we're talking about organized crime. We're talking about people that can actually take a real money order and reproduce it 5,000 times."

While Quesnel didn't lose any money this time, he knows what it feels like to be the victim of a scam.

"I've been had by a con artist before. I don't want people to go through what I went through. An ex-girlfriend took a lot of money from me. I lost my life. I lost my house. I don't feel other people should go through what I went through."

For Robertson, schemes like this are a matter of common sense.

"I can't teach that. It's up to you to recognize the signs. It's up to you to feel it there and basically it's up to you to be careful," he said, adding that residents should never agree to cash cheques that are more than their asking price.

For more information, call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

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