Tuesday, January 25, 2011

News: Baby For Sale ad on Kijiji a hoax being taken seriously

Folks, you can't list a baby for sale on Kijiji and put it over as a ha-ha. Child protection investigators take this shit super-super-serious, and the police will come after you. Not funny.

Here's the lowdown from The Canadian Press, as seen on The Chronicle Herald:

SYDNEY — The free classifieds website Kijiji has been known to offer a wide variety of items, but the listing of a baby for sale came as a surprise to both police and the boy’s parents.

Cape Breton Regional Police said Monday they were called Friday by a person who viewed an online advertisement listing a two-month-old baby for sale in Sydney.

Officers went to an apartment where the baby and parents live but the parents said they knew nothing about the ad.

The parents were both shaken by the incident and did not wish to speak to media.

"At this point it does just seem to be an unfortunate joke or hoax, and an isolated incident," said Desiree Vassallo, a spokeswoman for the force.

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