Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Video: Kijiji Real Estate Ads - Please Contact My Realtor?!

From YouTube:

New Brunswick real estate agent Ben Schmidt of video blogs about homeowners postings ads to Kijiji because their Realtor is not!

Many homeowners when selling their home will use the online resource It is an online free classified site, where you can post ads for anything! One of the most active parts of the site is the housing for sale section. Many for sale by owners use this resource as well.

"There are a number of homes listed on the site that are being marketed on the MLS system with a Realtor as well, but what I've noticed is that close to 50% of those home are actually posted by the homeowner," says Schmidt. "It will have the pictures and write-up and then it will say please contact my Realtor at such and such email or phone number."

"I am all for participation and team effort with my vendors," he says. "I as well have vendors that list their home on Kijiji, but they know that if they do not post it, I have got them covered. I have a wonderful Aunt, who posts all of Darcy Simon and my listings on a cyclical basis, so to always be on the top of Kijiji."

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