Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YSAK 338: Like a Snuggie without the sleeves

Chawel---the "take your changeroom towel"!!!
Price $34.95

Chawel Towel!!!!

new from kirkscubagear!!!

just in time for that trip south!!!

Great for all your beach fun!!!

The Purpose

The initial use for the Chawel was to make changing in public easier and faster! After a couple vacations with the Chawel, the other uses were born. The neck pillow use was the next use to be born, followed by the sleeping bag/blanket function after a few airport lay-overs. This is perfect for those who travel solo on the planes or at the beaches. Now the multi-uses work for everyone from mom/dad to the solo globe trotter, surfer, beach bum, and so on.

The Uses

Besides the original uses as a TOWEL, and a CHANGING ROOM, the other uses and ideas kept coming. From, watching sunsets and fireworks to breezy sunny days at the beach, the SLEEPING BAG/BLANKET use of the Chawel was born.

Being able to slip into your Chawel to cut the breeze, keeping you warm will make your stay at the beach longer. That same use comes in handy when having to spend nights in the best (and worst) airports, due to missed connections.
After thinking back to a trip to Brazil in 2005, the idea of a HIDDEN POCKET was adapted. After watching bags get snatched from distracted people at the beach, the need for a pocket seemed to fit. Your towel won't get pulled out from under you while you are laying on it.

order yours now!!!!

$34.95 Canadian $$$

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