Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YSAK 339: The mountain bike, it's yellow

Yellow bicycle ad on Kijiji
Mountain Bike
And yes, it is *yellow*!
Other than that, I can tell you almost nothing.
  • It is a bike.
  • It has two tires (currently flat).
  • It has a seat on which to rest your buttocks.
  • It has pedals (two) - perfect for a biped.
  • The pedals aforementioned turn in a circular fashion.
  • It has some gears and a chain.  They seem to be engaged in some kind of relationship.
  • It has handlebars (also two).  These appear to serve two purposes:
    One - to steer out of the path of oncoming cement trucks and
    Two - to keep you from falling forward onto the front tire.
  • It has a kickstand on which to rest its weight.  This is a great feature if you intend to display it in your kitchen (see photo for great display ideas!)
And did I mention that it's yellow?
I have been asked to clarify...
The yellow is not banana (and neither is the seat). 
The yellow is not canary.
The yellow is not sunshine (though you will look hot riding it).
The yellow is *mustard*. 
The mustard is not Gray Poupon.  That is gray.  Duh.
The mustard is not honey mustard (though it is sweet).
The mustard is not dijon.
The mustard *is* 'French's'.  (Not to be confused with 'dijon' which only sounds French - see previous point.)
I hope this makes everything perfectly clear.
And did I mention it is a bargain at only $10?

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