Friday, February 18, 2011

YSAK 341: Addressing the elephant in the room: Elephants are ugly

Elephant painting
I've recently decided that elephants are ugly and look like aliens so I need this painting out of my living room asap. Its in brand new condition right now.....but that might change this weekend if there are Jiffy markers around when I get loaded.

Some other dondalinger on here is asking $250 for his and the frame on that one is hideous so mine is a better deal.

I'm open to offers but keep in mind this isnt some filthy piss ridden Playa Del Carmen trinket shop, this is Canada and there are bartering rules and or etiquette. If you low ball me super bad I might come unglued.

The dimensions are: 150cm X 120cm. The picture in this ad is of the actual elephant picture in my living room. It's legit.

Will consider flame thrower, filthy magazines or Callaway Park vouchers in trade.

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