Monday, February 7, 2011

Roger needs his glasses back from Margaret in Fall River

A man who helped out a fellow motorist during last week's snowstorm needs his eyeglasses back.

Roger Desveaux, a Christian Community Outreach worker, stopped in Dartmouth near Mic Mac Mall to clean the slush off his wipers during the height of the Wednesday afternoon storm and noticed a woman had also stopped. Her wiper was broken.

"So I said to her, 'No sweat', I said, 'I'll help you,'" says Desveaux.

So he set to work helping her out. His glasses got wet and foggy and he asked the woman hold them for a moment. Good deed done, they parted ways.

"Start my truck and I just go to start and I think, oh, my glasses, gee," he says. "And I think oh, no. I don't have my glasses! She has my glasses!"

Roger's a friendly fellow, though, and had learned the lady's name was Margaret, and she was driving her gray car home to Fall River.

Roger has posted a Kijiji ad about it, titled "A lady has my glasses":
Feb. 2nd I stopped on the Circumferential highway near the Micmac mall and helped a lady with a broken wiper blade on her car. Since it was stormy and snowing a lot I could not see through my wet glasses so I asked her to hold them while I fixed her wiper. After she had pulled away and I started to head for home I realized that I did not have my glasses. She told me she was from Fall River. Her name is Margaret and she was driving a grey color car. If whoever sees or reads this ad knows this lady please pass on this message to her that she can call me at 456----- and my name is Roger Desveaux. I would like to get my glasses back as soon as possible.Any one from Fall River who might know who this Margaret is please call me asap. I just want my glasses back

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