Friday, March 4, 2011

Kijiji flooded with ads for old iPads: Tips from Kijiji itself

The latest gadget announcement from Apple is creating a buying opportunity for people who don't mind slightly older technology.

The introduction of the next generation iPad is leading to a flood of for-sale listings at online classified web sites from people getting rid of their first-generation iPads.

Bart Molenda, Head of Marketing with Kijiji Canada knows that sorting the good ads from the bad ads is a pain, and nobody wants to be a sucker, paying too much or getting scammed.

"I, in fact, bought my iPad on Kijiji, so I know what the pains are, trying to look through all the different ones," said Molenda.

"When I search for electronics or goods like that, if it's something as particular as an iPad I just search for what the price ranges are," he said. "Usually, the ones that are too good to be true are down at the very bottom of the price range."

Molenda says research is the key to getting the best deal.

"Make sure that you meet the seller at a safe location and check that iPad out for yourself," he said. "Often people post pictures and those are a good indication but what's even better is if you can try it out yourself."

He adds iPads have a serial number you can check on the Apple site to double-check the machine's age.

"It's just something to verify when the person bought it and if there's Apple-care warranty on it," he said. "In this case the iPad's less than a year old so probably all of them will have warranty."

If you're a seller, expect scammers to try to buy your gear from overseas with money transfers. Don't fall for it.

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