Thursday, March 10, 2011

YSAK 348: Pauly D or Pauly Shore? Wannabe model seeks work


Pauly D look alike wants to be a model
Pauly D from Jersey shore look alike looking for modeling work!

Pauly d look alike from jersey shore!

Good afternoon I could be Pauly d double from the tv show jersey shore I style my hair like him (blowout) We dress alike and look similar I get stopped everywhere i go any people are always pointing at me. I get approached on the street,stores,bars,clubs,etc. People always wanting pictures with me and more.

If your with a modeling agency or have any connections with that industry I would love to hear from you and if im noticed im willing to give an insentive$$

Im also attaching pictures and here is a you tube video i made
so please view it and comment:

Please reply to this ad or email me directly at

1 Responses to “YSAK 348: Pauly D or Pauly Shore? Wannabe model seeks work”

Anonymous said...
January 17, 2012 at 4:53 PM

That's faggetry. He look nothing like Pauly. Just cuz the REAL Pauly is old don't mean this "MODEL" look like him. Oh and that YouTube page of his has been deleted. he probably got a shit load of nasty comments. hahahahahaha....most of them from me. Thank you and have a blessed day. Sincerely Gramma Shuhnayay

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