Sunday, March 13, 2011

YSAK 349: Young horse lover seeks hand job

Thanks to Dan for this head-shaker:

Sable hand job

I'm looking to get back into riding but dont have the money to lease or buy a horse. So im looking to work and exchange for free riding. I can clean stalls, trun out, tack up, groom, feed , anything! I'm 13 years old (Girl). I have toke lessons and toke care of horses before. I would like to work on weekends. I would like to start riding this month.
E-mail me if your interested!

Would this woman suck this horseƉ
I got toke lessons, too, but that was when I lived with a pot-savvy Newfie.

Anyhow, Dan was kind enough to alert this kid to the error of her posting:
quick , quick quick get your parents to put a different heading on your picture, and good luck as a STABLEHAND , toodle ooo .
But, handjob-seeking girl insists there's nothing wrong with her posting:
Okay by the way i dont really care what the picture it and i really dont care if i spelled it wrong cuz my computer has XH-06 wicth fixs spell mistakes and so i spelled it wrong. So stut the fuck up.
See, animals don't care if you can't spell.

Side note: I know it's not safe to drive while talking on a cell phone. Is it okay to ride a horse while doing the same?

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