Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YSAK 354: Funny waxing ads

A Kijiji insider tipped us off to these ads, which, IMHO, don't suck:


That hairy back may be a big turn-on to a chimpologist. Maybe she goes ape for the primate look. Let's get real guys. I can wax-on wax-off you back to that walking upright level of evolution. You will be smooth and look great. Start your evolution revolution! How about an after wax massage to get you mellowed out? Call me for my St Patrick's Day specials! Grrlls, get your man in to me so he loses the fur. You don't have to be Irish, I am! Call Yvonne at 519-xxx-8787 for great rates on local services.
'Nother one:

Ya gotta lose that fuzz! Wherever its sprouting from I can make it disappear smooth and easy. Lose the wool now. Esthetics by Yvonne will "get 'er done". Massage available too! Manicure and pedicure. Call today for details and great rates, 519-xxx-8787
And there was a great one about Justin Bieber, but... looks like someone complained, and it's gone.

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