Monday, March 28, 2011

YSAK 358: Hate mailer suggests more careful hate mailing

... or at least being more careful with the hate mail. Tx to wifey for this one.

Advise To Those Who Respond To Not Winning Items

Watch what you send in response to others in a negitive matter to loosing bidding or not getting the items. I made a negitive comment to someone and they were able to trace my e-mail address back to my home address by looking up my IP Adress through a web site, and reported me to the RCMP for hate mail comments. I got off with a warning but will never do that again. Sorry if I offend anyone.
Perhaps this guy's not too sharp with his computer skills, as he's clearly not aware that we can see he also has two duplicate ads posted with a house for sale on Tailfeather Court in Sackville.

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