Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YSAK 359: Kijiji is not a soapbox

These ads came to my attention because the poster has multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) Twitter accounts, and sent out the same Thunder Bay Kijiji link from all of them in rapid succession.

Kijiji is a local buy & sell forum, not a platform for spouting half-baked ideas on social issues. A sampling of said baking follows.

WSIB Transparency Needed

I am seeking to find people that feel the WSIB needs to create transparency. The WSIB has developed a language all their own , and I feel injured workers need to be a part of the solution.The current system continues to alienate and frustrate many. Families are suffering , and together we can inspire a real change.

Please contact me to discuss how we can lead this ,much needed change. If you are tired of being bullied , and you,or your Family is facing emotional and financial crisis,please contact me.
Ban Second Hand Obesity

Many of my friends are obese and I wonder if obesity is catchy?
Childhood Obesity and Acceptance

What can we learn from the tobacco movement?

Is smoking a lifestyle ?

How does our food environment support healthy communities?

Do you really believe our childhood obesity action plan is working? How can we improve the inactivity crisis?
Crime Prevention and Aggression

With every act of violence and civil disobedience a fractured , angry voice speaks. People at the bottom continue to struggle , while the less than 1 % of the population get to administer the solutions.
I attended North Wood High School in the 70 's and I was given many gifts . The one I am most proud of is stated below.


Applied interventions can never work,I am suggesting a community action plan, one with Integrity, dignity and hope. We have a group of disenfranchised people, who have been victims of policy and left without hope .Give someone no hope and watch what happens.

Please add your voice to this effort in the hope of supporting social change.

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