Friday, April 1, 2011

YSAK 362: Slightly used bath pouf

Kirsten sent in the best ad I've seen in a while. Thanks!

Bath pouf on a stick
Pouf on a Stick

Up for sale is a Pouf on a Stick.

Barely used, didn't feel the need to wash back that often. Has been sitting for months, was going to use it to clean toilet, but the Girlfriend stopped me and said she would buy me a toilet scrubber, thus, I have no use for it.

Perhaps you would enjoy to wash your back with this baby blue, Pouf on a Stick. High grade plastic allows for optimal tourqe when removing the worst, stuck up grime in those 'hard to reach' areas. May also benefit other parts of the body as well.

Very good condition, like new and smells of stale body-wash.

Originally purchase in 2008 from Wally-World for $13.99. I originally wanted $10.50, But because I had to pay $24.00 for this ad, I must sell for no less then $34.50, or I may trade for equal value Camaro.

Don't wait, don't hesitate, priced to move!!

EDIT: A few people requested more pictures, so I added one I had of it playing on the jungle gym, in the big puddle and playing with our dog.

I also forgot to mention it includes a handy "Rope", so it doesn't fall out of your reach while in use, perfect present for that friend in prison.

Hope this helps.
And those pictures. Well done!

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