Thursday, April 14, 2011

YSAK 370: Warning about a guy who's not "nice"

Wanted: THIS GUY'S TO BE AWARE OF Mxxxxxx AL- Hxxxxxx
Address Sackville, NS B4C, Canada

HIS NAME IS Mxxxxxx Al- Hxxxxxxx I Traded This Guy A PHONE When I Got Were We MEET After when telling me to leave then calling me back telling me to wait until to moral, then calling saying he wanted, then calling back say tomoral. then he call and we hooked up. after he set the phone up he told me it was a gift for some one i was pist cus i drove a half hour. i was pulling away and seen him starting to cath up to my car. then started run when i stoped at the stop sign . he'S NOT A NICE GUY JUST GIVING U ALL HEADS UP ON THIS GUY THANK ALL
Ten Internets to anyone who can reconstruct the plot of this story in English.

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