Monday, April 18, 2011

YSAK 374: Moves quickly, looks like a turd *HALL OF FAME*

Finally, a new "best used car ad ever" instead of the one that's been circulating in decreasingly funny forms since 2009. This one's from Edmonton and I think you'll like it.

Up for sale is a 1990 Toyota Soarer. It is the penultimate JDM bucket for those wanting something that moves quite quickly but looks like a turd. Great DD for long highway commutes.

This is a no BS sale - you ask and I disclose.

Will trade for Honda CRV preferably manual.

The good
  • Valve seals recently done (~5000km)
  • Turbos recently replaced (~5000km)
  • Horrible JDM wiring mess fixed
  • Functional CD player (booyah)
  • FD RX7 wheels with decent winter tires
  • Engine is in great shape - runs like a top and makes great power
  • Newer seats (not cracked / broken like most soarer seats)
  • Unmolested dash other than the horrendous canadian tire boost gauge that reads +8 psi at idles the previous idiot put in. (mad tyte street cred for the 30 PSI the gauge claims the car makes)
  • New STOCK battery - the huge one the size of a small house with 8.9 million cold cranking amps - i slipped a disk carrying it out of canadian tire so you better believe it's a gooder
  • Actually gets decent mileage 10L / 100 KM in the 5kish I've put on it since I fixed it
  • Ultra baby firing DUAL rear muffler cannons - for optimal watermelon launching performance. I believe they are Blitz of some sort. Either way they sound OK so I didn't sawzall them off.
  • Has the coolest cable mount exhaust cutout thing I've ever seen in that it's the only one I've ever seen and I still have no idea why the previous owner installed it. Presumably it's so he could get a cheap high by opening it and breathing in the exhaust fumes that come up through the floor. No matter - you too can enjoy this experience.
The bad
  • I bought it off Kijiji - some kid dorift-curbed it in a BIG way and tore the right rear corner off. From the parts he had and bits I bought off of a salvage place I put it back together. It could still use an alignment but I've frankly not had enough time to care.
  • Car is in the shape one would expect to be after being owned by a younger person. Plenty of ricer street cred comes with this car.
  • It has a hideous fiberglass BOMEX (only the best) front bumper that is cracked in about 45 different places
  • It looks like it was painted by Ray Charles on heroin doing a handstand and using his feet to hold a dried up roadkill carcass as a brush - but from 100 feet it looks pretty awesome.
  • Drivers side door panel is mostly attached to the door itself - except the handle. Pretty typical Soarer / SC300 issue. Can fix with fiberglass and some steel or 4" sheet metal screws (but then the window stops working)
  • Body has dings and dents as neglected by the previous owner - also a spot of minor surface rust here or there that the previously mentioned top notch bodyman painted over

I think that about covers it. I've been driving it to and from work for a month since I fixed it and it works great. Even had it to Canmore and back with no issues. It could certainly use some love but for $3k 300hp and 10L / 100 KM it's a pretty good deal I'd say. Longblock with tranny in good shape is worth $2000 in parts, exhaust is worth ~$600, and so on.

If you're interested I can entertain viewings at my place. I will not however entertain BS tire kickers. Don't come without cash.

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