Tuesday, April 26, 2011

YSAK 380: Your children are selling their shit on Kijiji!

ps3 game
Price $40.00

Hi i am sellen a ps3 game (need for speed 2 unleashed). ive use the game 3 times its a really good game reson for sellen ive sold my ps3 console and dont need the game anymore its in perfect condition and the case is to with all the books inside. for more info msg me at nick_14cute@hotmail.com $40.00 o.b.o thanks.
I'm really really really hoping "nick 14 cute" has parents who watch this web site and will have a sit-down with their kid about a) selling the stuff they buy him on Kijiji, b) putting his email out on the web for trolls to find and c) getting him to put down the goddamn video games and start paying attention in English class.

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