Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kijiji Suck Special: Scientology sneakily spams Kijiji

Pretty much everyone knows that the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization involved in an elaborate bait-and-switch scheme that ruins people and destroys family.

What you may not realize is that the Church of Scientology of Halifax is pouring dozens of ads onto Kijiji in a deceptive effort to draw people in without revealing what people are signing up for.

An example, under communities > activities, groups:

How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

A Documentary Video called “Dead Wrong”
Every parent needs to watch this video before they decide to put their children lives in the hands of psychiatric drugs.

Stop the killing of children in the name of help.

Call 444-3790 to order your video.
Of course, Scientologists are taught that psychiatrists are part of an evil alien invasion force bent on enslaving beings. Psychiatry and psychology are death-dealing industries according to them. Of course, that makes it a bit of a surprise to see, also in 'community':
WHAT is Scientology?

It is that branch of psychology which treats of human ability.
Old-time psychology believed you couldn't change anyone's intelligence or personality.
Because Scientology CAN change intelligence and personality, it had to be called something else.

We think you'll agree that anyone could stand some improvement...
An average intelligence is about 108. With a little work, a Scientologist
can shift that to 120 or 130. When that happens, it is then possible for
that person to tackle jobs he couldn't have understood before.

All we're interested in is increasing personal efficiency.
It has a LOT to do with your personal income.

We have a group that meets in Halifax.
Evenings Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm.

Respond to this e-mail or call 444-3790 to learn more and for free IQ and personality testing.
Ouch! Since when did psychology believe that people couldn't change?

A big part of living as a Scientologist is learning how to spot and handle the people who are ruining your life. If you're a fuck-up, odds are, they believe, someone is MAKING you a fuck-up. It ain't you, buddy -- it's your wife and her negative attitude! Or your mom, you know she never supports you! You can learn how to spot a Suppressive Person (SP) or Potential Trouble Source (PTS) through Scientology courses that teach you how to shut these negative nellies out of your life. Of course, the subtext is that anyone who tells you not to take out a second mortgage on your house to pre-pay for Scientology courses IS A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON AND MUST BE AVOIDED.
Mistakes causing you trouble?

When you suddenly start making mistakes, it is caused by something.
When you feel happy, and for no apparent reason, suddenly start feeling down,
somebody made this happen.

If you have experienced a rollercoaster of emotion or ups and downs in your life,
someone around you could be suppressing you - squashing you or trying to make
you smaller.

On the Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course you will learn:
- How to distinguish the two types of people - those who try
to build things up and those who try to tear things down.
- What to do about people who wish you harm.
- How to recognize your true friends from those who work against you.

With the know-how to handle the causes behind your misfortunes, you can
change your life for the better, make those ups and downs a thing of the past
and aspire to your highest goals.

One day up... the next day down.
But now you CAN gain stability and success.

Call 444-3790 for more information.
Anyway, I could go on and on and on and on .. but you can do everyone in the region a favour and flag the hell out of the Church of Scientology of Halifax's misleading and inappropriate Kijiji advertising by seeing all their ads here.

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