Tuesday, May 10, 2011

YSAK 390: Stay in school, wear a helmet

Many thanks to Twitter's @VillainMtrsprts for spotting this and supplying a witty headline:

matlic green suzuki 80cc DS dirtbike
Price $500.00
Address Tolstoi, MB R0A, Canada

I had this bike scence i was 13. now i am 16. i dont like it's size its too small for me. very fast exseleration. not good for unexpernced riders. all parts there beside front brake cable and cluch cable. kick start broken. to start it you have to run with it then kick it into gear. it start right away. very simple fast bike. i fliped it once and landed but i hit a tree and bike kept going. broke my ribs. recamended for kids 12-13 to 16.

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