Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kijiji Special: Winnipeg Season Ticket Frenzy

Now that the recently-announced Winnipeg NHL franchise has reached its sell-out goal of 13-thousand season tickets, Kijiji has gone batshit crazy with people a) selling their season tickets for obscene prices, b) selling opening-game tickets for more than the prices of the entire season and c) whiny suckbags lamenting how they didn't bother buying season tickets when they were up for sale.

Champ so far in the c) category is the following:

Wanted: Wanted - Time Machine- for Jets / Moose season tkts
Price $1,000.00

I absolutely need this to travel back in time approx 2 years so that I can purchase Moose Season Tkts and guarantee myself season tkts for the upcoming NHL Season in Winnipeg.

Serious offers only !!!
Must be in good working condition with no side effects. !!!

GO Jets GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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